Energy clusters: suppliers of green heat

Indaver invests in maximum energy recycling. In several European countries, Indaver supplies energy to businesses and neighbouring towns. In Ireland, we deliver energy to approximately 44,000 households thanks to our “Waste to Energy” plant in County Meath. In Germany, at Hamburg and Biebesheim, our cutting-edge technology plants supply energy to 11,000 and 7,000 households, respectively. In Belgium, thanks to our specialist treatment plant in the port of Antwerp, we supply energy to 10,000 households and steam to a nearby business. Again in Belgium, our large-scale site at Doel, where we transform 1 million tonnes of residues into materials and energy every year, supplies energy to 184,000 households. In addition, Indaver is now participating in an industrial heat network in the port of Antwerp via a joint venture. Through this network, known as “Ecluse”, Indaver supplies heat and steam from its heat treatment plant to six neighbouring companies working in the chemicals and logistics sectors. These projects integrate perfectly with Indaver’s vision regarding sustainability. They provide financial advantages (competitive prices anchoring the industry in the port of Antwerp), ecological advantages (reduced CO2 emissions) and social advantages, and make it possible to produce the energy the circular economy needs in order to grow. 

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