Synergy with neighboring companies

The idea is to enable a range of industries to reduce their importation of primary hydrochloric acid (HCL) and to favour the thus recovered hydrochloric acid. 
Also, to go even further down the circular route, one of the Loon-Plage site’s neighbouring businesses will receive the steam generated during IndaChlor®’s treatment process. Thanks to this local supply, the firm no longer has any need for natural gas. The steam, totalling 165,000 tonnes per annum, is supplied directly through pipelines. This business, an alcohol distillery, is one of the largest bioethanol manufacturers in Europe. It specialises in the rectification and dehydration of raw alcohol of agricultural origin. 

Cooperation with regional organizations

The main aim of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) is to connect companies and help them to develop their business. 

Dunkerque Promotion is a business-development consultancy firm. For Indaver, Dunkerque Promotion played an important facilitating role, especially in the development phase of the project. Its knowledge of the local area made it possible to obtain reliable data specific to the region, very fast, in particular during the feasibility-study phase, (energy costs and the availability of labour). The agency put us in touch with local stakeholders (GPMD, DREAL, the distribution networks GrDF, Enedis etc.), and with consultancy firms, building firms etc.). 

Medef, le Mouvement des entreprises de France (the Movement of French Enterprises) is an employer organisation, that represents French businesses.

UIC, l’Union des Industries Chimiques is the professional organisation that groups together all the chemical companies, to which it provides opportunities for meetings and discussions. It represents them and defends them in the the various fields in which it carries out its missions.

Financial support

  • The Indachlor project is an operation that has received: - une Prime d’Aménagement du Territoire.
  • In view of its sustainable commitments, the IndaChlor project also received financial support from the CHALEUR fund from ADEME, Agence de la transition écologique.
  • PECS

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