In-depth Studies & Biodiversity

The preliminary in-depth studies carried out

Prior to our application for a building licence and environmental permit, and as required by French law, we commissioned various studies. An independent, in-depth safety study has found that Indaver has taken the technical and procedural measures required to limit the environmental impact of its activities and meets the applicable legal requirements. Our cutting-edge technology recycling process meets the strictest French and European environmental legislative requirements. Emissions fall well within the standard requirements. Indaver guarantees this by imposing very strict procedures and directives and by training its personnel accordingly. Indaver benefits from 30 years’ experience in the construction, management and operation of treatment and recycling processes. Our flawless operational record is the reason why we are the preferred waste and materials partner for major European corporations.

Respecting Biodiversity

Indaver has build this new plant in an industrial zone. The choice of this port and industrial zone is no accident: its purpose is to create the least possible disruption of the natural habitat for the flora and fauna present. Indaver is fully open to discussion with local naturalists and environmental associations, as it is in every region where it operates. Indaver believes in a transparent policy with regard to the environmental impact of its work, and reports on this every year in its Sustainability Report.

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