The social commitment: jobs

Local job creation

Indaver ensures that its projects benefit the regions where it works. In the long term, the Indaver IndaChlor project will result in the creation of approximately 20 direct jobs. It will also generate a further 30 indirect jobs with our sub-contractors. Indaver will thus be making a social contribution to the region, which suffers from a high level of unemployment. Similarly, with regard to building the plant and connected services, Indaver has given preference to French businesses in the region, which will in turn facilitate the creation – albeit temporary – of new jobs.

Supporting local economy

Invitations to tender for construction lots have been launched on the French market, and approximately 30% of the investment has already been awarded to French firms. 

With regard to the operation of the plant, Indaver has also given precedence to French suppliers (site security, office supplies, maintenance, catering, etc.). So with IndaChlor, Indaver is contributing real added value to the local economy, as well as to Dunkirk’s port and industrial zone.

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