Advantages of industrial ecology

The IndaChlor project will be very beneficial to our local partners. In the interests of industrial synergy, Indaver will build this plant near businesses that can avail of the products arising from the treatment of waste. By supplying steam to a nearby business and the recovered chlorine to Ecophos, another local company, Indaver will be supporting and sustaining their profitability. In fact, neither of these businesses will need to buy in costly raw prime materials anymore; thanks to IndaChlor, Indaver will deliver a top quality alternative to them directly via a pipeline. And again thanks to IndaChlor, Ecophos can halve the transport of the hydrochloric acid purchased, while a neighbouring firm will no longer have to buy natural gas. This is a true model of a safe and profitable circular economy, through which IndaChlor will reinforce the local industry of the Hauts-de-France region. Furthermore, the project may encourage other investors to develop similar projects in the region. 

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