Advantages of industrial ecology

The IndaChlor® project will create solid foundations with local partners. Indaver has strategically built this plant near to businesses with a view to developing opportunities for industrial synergy. By supplying steam to a nearby alcohol distillery and recovered chlorine to other clients whether neighbours or further afield, Indaver is maintaining their profitability. The idea is to allow businesses, as local as possible, not to have to use expensive raw materials. With IndaChlor®, Indaver can supply them with a top-quality alternative, sometimes even directly through a network of pipelines, as with the steam that will be supplied to the neighbouring distillery, which will no longer need to buy natural gas. A true example of a safe and sustainable circular economy, IndaChlor® is strengthening the Hauts-de-France region’s local industry. And furthermore, the project could encourage other investors to develop similar projects in the region. 

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