Indaver group

Indaver is a Europe-wide waste management company that offers intelligent, integrated solutions to industries and government authorities. Via its concept of Total Waste Management (TWM), Indaver offers a wide-ranging set of sustainable, tailormade global solutions for major corporations and government and local authorities.

Indaver offers a safe, affordable and sustainable solution to waste, thanks to our advanced expertise in technology, markets and regulations, and also thanks to the great care we take with regard to the environment and the recycling of energy and materials.

We have a wide range of facilities throughout Europe, and use third-party processing capacities to complete our service offering. We also provide our clients with comprehensive assistance in the form of advice on the best treatment options, recycling possibilities, on-site labour, transport, administration and reporting. This means that we can guarantee them traceability and an outstanding level of service.

Indaver has 1,700 employees.

Driving Force of the Circular Economy

For Indaver, closing the loop with the highest level of quality is essential. Our ambition is to recover the greatest possible percentage of materials and energy from waste, with good energy efficiency, minimal CO2 emissions and the highest quality standards. The way we see it, waste is just one more phase in the life cycle of a material, and is a source of new raw materials and renewable energy. This is how we contribute to the circular economy, which is vital for the preservation of raw materials and to minimise the production of toxic waste. With this goal in mind, Indaver is constantly seeking new ways of extracting even more energy and materials from waste.

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