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Sustainability: an integral part of your career

Here at Indaver, we are committed to the sustainable use of our planet’s valuable and finite resources. We understand that living sustainably means recognising that waste is a valuable resource. Every day we convert tonnes of waste into energy and we recover as many raw materials as possible for re-use. We protect the environment and strive to create a sustainable circular economy in which products and materials are given a new life. 

Sustainability is a guiding principle across every aspect of the organisation, including our relationships with staff. We take a long view and invest in long-term careers with Indaver. Everyone is given the necessary space and autonomy to grow on a professional and a personal level, and we respect and foster each person’s vision and ambitions. We also do everything we can to create a safe and healthy working environment. All of these things pay off, both for our people, and for the organisation. 

Working at Indaver

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