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Would you like to join us? Here’s what colleagues love about working at Indaver.

David Klink, Operator

I am David Klink and I have been working as an Operator at Indaver for almost 10 years. Together with three colleagues, I am responsible for some of the facilities at the site in Doel. It is a varied job in which I carry out a range of activities. Every shift is different, from working with the crane to monitoring everything from the control room. We work in a shift system, which provides a lot of flexibility and variation. I enjoy that.

We humans produce a great deal of waste. Tossing all of it on a pile is not the solution. This is why we generate energy from waste. Thanks to the devotion of our teams and the right processes, Indaver provides many families with electricity. Making our contribution to a better environment feels great. 

Indaver doesn’t only handle waste in a sustainable fashion, the company also has a sustainable approach when it comes to employees. Everyone’s contribution counts. We are listened to if we suggest ideas or innovations. And safety comes first. Every year we receive training to protect our own safety. Indaver ensures that we are taken into account, both in the short and long term. 

There are different career opportunities and a lot of guidance is provided. We can plot our own career path according to our personal situation, health and interests. I got the chance to expand my range of responsibilities after just twelve months. I am team leader during some shifts. And I am a confidential adviser as well. I am happy to have a chat with my colleagues, to listen to them and advise them. Indaver gave me the chance to acquire new skills in this area. It was one of the best training courses I have taken at Indaver.

The shift system has many different benefits. Not only does it provide the necessary degree of variety, but it also enables you to be well organized in terms of your home life. That’s essential in my case, as I have two children. Of course, I take my colleagues into account with respect, and they do likewise. We are a tight-knit team with the right mentality and we trust one another. I hope that any future colleague of ours is also a team player. Someone who is eager to learn and flexible. Someone who looks for solutions, together with us. With good technical skills and a great passion we build our future, and that of Indaver, together.


I enjoy a good conversation and am glad to have evolved to a counseling role. Together we build for a better future.

David Klink, Operator




Bert Claessens, Assistant Shift Manager

I am Bert Claessens and I have been working for Indaver for 17 years, in the Thermal Treatment department at the Antwerp site. I started out as an operator and now I have worked my way up to Assistant Shift Manager with a team of six operators and three fork-lift truck drivers. Our team is responsible for proper incineration of the solid and liquid waste flows that arrive here. Guaranteeing optimal safety, capacity and efficiency is a lot of work. There are all kind of factors involved. 

During combustion, energy is released in the form of steam. We use this steam to produce electricity with our turbine and also to heat our buildings. The gases in the smoke are also optimally purified. It is nice to know that the whole process is tackled sustainably.

I started here when I was 20 years old. I wasn’t much of a student, so my parents suggested taking a year out and getting some work experience. You know, so that I’d find out what work really is (he laughs). But once I got here I never left. Except after eight years, when I spent a year and a half travelling around the world. On the other side of the world I realised I actually really liked working at Indaver. That has a lot to do with the people themselves. The atmosphere is really good. My motto is: a day without laughter is a day you haven’t lived. And believe me: we have a good laugh here every day.

Of course we have to work hard too. But we have the freedom to organise our work ourselves. We work in a shift system: one day the early shift, the next day a night shift, then two days off. You do need to get used to that rhythm, but it has a lot of benefits too. For example, I can often collect my three children from school. What is more, there is a great shift bonus that is a significant advantage. 

I advise people who are just starting here to open their eyes and ears and be curious. You will get the space you need to get used to the job and get to know your colleagues. Be enthusiastic, be aware of what you are doing and prove your worth. After all, you get enough opportunities here to build up a good career. I’m living proof of that. 

I actually really like working at Indaver. That has a lot to do with the people themselves. The atmosphere is really good. My motto is: a day without laughter is a day you haven’t lived. And believe me: we have a good laugh here every day.

Bert Claessens, Assistant Shift Manager

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