Indachlor® confirms its commitment to a sustainable model

At the start of the project, Indachlor® had envisaged supplying hydrochloric acid through pipes directly to its neighbour at Loon-Plage. The project has since evolved, and the latter’s activity has stopped. Nonetheless, Indachlor® remains committed to its ecologically-sound-industry project and has gone in search of new opportunities. Indachlor® therefore now plans to offer its recovered hydrochloric acid to a wider market. Other industries could thus have access to this secondary raw material and anchor their activity in a sustainable process.
Indachlor® is still an exemplary project for the circular economy and the environment. The site will be self-sufficient in terms of energy and will recover part of the energy produced in its processes so that it can be supplied to Ryssen, another of the facility’s immediate neighbours. The steam produced will travel through pipes to the alcohol distillery, which is located just a few dozen metres from Indachlor®. 
After all, the Indachlor® project received support from the European Union, within the context of the PECS [Ports Energy and Carbon Savings]. This programme aims to develop, test and implement a range of tools and technologies aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in Port SMEs. 

Find out more about the role of Indachlor® in the PECS programme 

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