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As a waste management company, Indaver's work is close to the heart of the general public. We therefore strive for open communication with our customers and neighbours, with the government and the media. We make our activities and viewpoints known clearly and correctly. 

On these pages you can find an overview of the latest press releases and news articles. Under ‘multimedia’ you can find the latest videos on Indaver’s YouTube channel.

Latest news articles

Indachlor® receives its first deliveries


This Thursday, 19 November 2020, less than two years after the project started, Indachlor® received its first delivery. These first 20 tonnes of...

Indachlor® confirms its commitment to a sustainable model


At the start of the project, Indachlor® had envisaged supplying hydrochloric acid through pipes directly to its neighbour at Loon-Plage. The project...

Sustainability Report: Indaver as a link in the circular economy


To keep the world habitable, we will have to close as many materials loops as possible. Waste therefore plays a fundamental role in the circular...

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