Indaver invests in research and development so that it can keep setting the standard for waste & material management. At present there are around 80 research and development projects under way. Experimental and industrial research and software development are key factors in these projects. In general, we are focusing on:

  • the development of efficient material recovery for useful application or recycling; 
  • the improvement/ reduction in use of primary raw materials; research in order to further reduce our impact on air, water and soil. 
  • seeking new ways of using recovered energy; research in order to increase our energy efficiency and research into energy clusters. 
  • the use of Life Cycle Analysis Research helps customers chart their waste stream and treatment and find the best and most environmentally-friendly option for the best price; 
  • research into the modal shift (the shift from road transport to water transport) and into the improvement of the environmental performance of our facilities. 
  • cooperation with research & knowledge institutes. 

An environment of knowledge leads to successful innovations

Creative solutions do not fall out of the sky. Indaver creates an environment of knowledge within the enterprise that provides all employees with the opportunity to build up, develop and share their expertise and experiences. This stimulates creativity and leads to innovative, outside-the-box ideas that improve processes, technologies and services, allowing us to recover even more materials and energy. Our people test these ideas in terms of their feasibility, usefulness for customers, durability and risks. They are carefully and extensively tested before they are implemented.

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