Sustainability report: guaranteeing transparency in communications and actions

Indaver generates value from waste by transforming it into high-quality materials and energy. This means that we play the part of facilitator and watchdog for the circular economy; we prevent hazardous materials from ending up in the materials chain or in the food chain. Our Annual Sustainability Report shows how Indaver has fulfilled its role in the circular economy during the past year. Sustainability is part and parcel of our business, not only within our work as such, but also in our techniques and processes. In the Report, our work to reduce our impact on humans and the environment is shown by graphs, case studies and a full set of figures, illustrating how we contribute to a safer, cleaner world.

Pillars of sustainability

The Sustainability Report consists of sections (each beginning with the letter P, standing for an English term): People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnerships. 


You can look at our Sustainability Report on our website, or download it as a PDF. A practical prospectus, which can also be downloaded from the website, contains Indaver’s key facts and figures.

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