Maximum recovery of materials and energy

Indaver recovers the highest possible percentage of materials. We believe that waste produces raw materials of quality for a sustainable circular economy. By separating the most valuable components from the waste, Indaver makes it possible to reuse materials, even at molecular level. Indaver has succeeded in isolating palladium and iodine, two valuable materials. And we have also designed a safe, efficient method for recovering chlorine. 

With IndaChlor, Indaver is investing in industrial synergy at the port of Dunkirk. In this new treatment facility, Indaver will recover the chlorine from industrial residues. Neighbouring companies to IndaChlor, will be able to use the hydrochloric acid in their production processes.  The energy generated by the IndaChlor process will be recycled and supplied directly to a neighbouring company. Thanks to IndaChlor, Indaver is putting circular economics into practice. 

With our installations for sludge dewatering, we offer efficient, sustainable solutions for the sludge generated by by our clients’ production processes or the residual sludge in their water purification plant.


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Indaver, material and energy recovery