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Indaver is a European group specialising in total waste management for industry and public authorities. In every area of our work we recover the greatest possible percentage of materials and energy, which is a vital and urgent task. The dramatic growth in the world’s population means that the demand for energy and raw materials, which are becoming increasingly rare, is reaching unsustainable levels. What is needed is a circular economy, which can manage materials and energy more intelligently. 

At Indaver, we see waste as an opportunity rather than as a problem. Indaver is a pioneering supplier of renewable energy and high-quality raw materials. 

In France, Indaver invests in the circular economy by establishing an industrial synergy with two local partners. With IndaChlor, a plant that processes and recycles chlorinated production residues, Indaver can recover the chlorine and also recycle the energy produced. This is a major industrial ecology project, with IndaChlor® supplying the primary material recovered and the energy, in the form of steam, to two nearby companies.

This 40 million Euro investment should create approximately 50 direct and indirect jobs by 2019. 

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